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Silverdale named 'School of the North'!

Published on 24/11/17

We are delighted to announce that the Sunday Times has named us 'Top School of the North'!

This Sunday they publish their Parent Power supplement, which identifies the 2,000 highest-achieving schools in the UK, ranked by their recent examination results. As part of this they have named Silverdale as the top state secondary school in the north of England.

The 25th edition of Parent Power identifies the 2,000 highest-achieving schools in the UK, ranked by their recent examination results. A fully searchable database by school name, local authority, town and postcode, together with new regional rankings are available to Times and Sunday Times subscribers at:

You can see the full coverage in the special supplement this weekend.

Their coverage states:

Silverdale  ranked second among comprehensive schools in the four Yorkshire counties, has won The Sunday Times North State Secondary School of the Year award. It has produced consistently excellent results over a number of years, this year sustaining strong results at both GCSE and A-level despite the toughening up of both examinations and syllabuses over the past 12 months.

 Alastair McCall, editor of Parent Power, said: “For any school to maintain consistently excellent academic outcomes in a time of huge change in examinations and course content, is an excellent achievement. Silverdale offers children the opportunity of a great education in the best comprehensive tradition.”

This summer 71.2% of exams entries gained A* to B grades at A-Level and just over a third of outcomes, 34.4%, achieved A*/A grades at GCSE.

As well as assessment of all academic results on a school-by-school basis, Parent Power enables parents to compare the performance of a given school with other schools in the same town, local authority or nationally. There are also live links to school websites and schools’ most recent inspection reports.

Parent Power is widely acknowledged as the most authoritative survey of the country’s best schools. The rankings in the secondary school league tables are determined by the percentage of examination entries gaining A* to B grades at A-level this summer (which is given double weighting) and the percentage of entries returning A* and A grades at GCSE. They are published several weeks ahead of the official Government tables for secondary school performance.