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Welcome to the exam information section of our website.

You will find information here about external exams due to take place over the next academic year, as well as information for candidates.

Exam Dates 2022-23

GCSE and A-level exams

  • GCSE and A-level examination season: Monday 15 May - Wednesday 28 June 2023.
  • Speaking and practical exams: are scheduled to take place before Monday 15 May
  • National contingency dates: Thursday 8 June (pm), Thursday 15 June (pm) and Wednesday 28 June (all day) 2023.
    • All students taking external exams this year must be available on these dates as well as the dates of any timetabled exams.
  • All students completing external exams have been issued with a statement of entry listing the date of all exams they are currently entered for.
  • Individual final examination timetables containing dates, times and locations of each exam and on which any clashes will have been resolved will be issued to students before May.

Mock Exams

  • Year 10 mock exams: Friday 21 April - Friday 5 May 2023
  • Year 12 end of year exams: Thursday 22 June - Friday 30 June 2023