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World Challenge students make the local press in India!

Published on 17/07/17

More updates from our students on the World Challenge trip.

The picture shows local newspapers that wrote about their work. We've been fortunate enough to get a translation from a friend of a parent who has an office in India. He got one of his team to translate on of the newspaper articles re team two:

"Foreign students constructed a dining hall for Kotamthuruthu (a place in Arur, Kerala, India) school Foreign students are busy in constructing a dining hall for Kotamthuruthu Government Lower Primary school. 3 teachers and 17 students from Silverdale International school in England are doing this as part of their studies. They are here as part of a scheme wherein they need to work after school to earn money and use that money to do services in other countries. Initially 2 of them came around and identified school requirements and then the remaining team joined them. They are purchasing all required items for construction themselves. The team leaves today."