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Year 10 information

work experience

Each year, at the end of the summer term all Year 10 students participate in a one-week work experience programme.  In order to acquaint you with the scheme we have set out below some of the main features of the programme.

The aims of work experience are:

  • To develop an awareness of the world of work, to experience some of the pressures and to be able to manage transition more easily.
  • To experience a variety of occupational skills and develop key skills and particularly those of 'communication' and 'working with others'.
  • To make the curriculum more meaningful and to sample work areas that students may wish to consider for a future career.
  • To develop personal and social skills.

As part of the work experience programme:

  • Students will complete a diary to record their daily activity during the placement.
  • School will contact students/employers by phone but cannot guarantee a visit to all students on placement.
  • Many students may attend a preliminary visit about a month before the placement begins.
  • Employers provide a detailed report on the placement and student performance.

Pupils are responsible for:

  • Students are representing themselves, parents and the school and need to dress, speak and behave in an appropriate manner.
  • Students may have to sign a declaration of confidentiality and not pass on information about the business or personnel which they acquire during the placement.
  • Observing Health and Safety codes.

The school does however reserve the right not to place a student on work experience whose behaviour, attitude or attendance has been considered unsatisfactory during the year.  This decision is not taken lightly and parents will be notified before the work experience if this is the case.

All placements will be checked for suitability by Silverdale School.  Students will be afforded protection and rights under all current employment legislation.

The school does not have a pool of work experience placements to allocate to students but we will do our best to support students in finding a suitable placement.  An alternative programme of work-based learning will be delivered in school to those students who are unable to secure a placement.

For further information please contact the Careers Team

For administration related issues, please contact Chrissie Humphries