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Student life

Friendly and welcoming

Whilst students from schools within our Trust are given priority access to our Sixth Form, we still take in a large number of students from other schools in the region. But, wherever you come from, you will soon find that you settle in and feel part of Silverdale Sixth Form. Our current students say it was one of the first things
they highlighted about their experience with us: “After a few weeks you just forgot who was from which school originally because it’s such a friendly place”.

Catering and shops

The Sixth Form common room has its own snack bar. You can also use the main restaurant in the school. Plus there are local shops, including a mini supermarket, greengrocer, cafe-bakery and cash machine, within a few minutes’ walk. 

Getting here

Regular buses run from the city centre to local bus stops, which take just over 30 minutes in rush hour, and just over 20 minutes the rest of the day.

Extra curricular activities

As explained in the Beyond the classroom section, there are many activities taking place in Silverdale Sixth Form. If you have a passion or interest you’d like to pursue then we encourage you to work with other students to set up a club or activity.

Throughout the year there are also numerous trips and visits that you can get involved in. These include Drama and Art visits, Geography field trips and university taster days

Understanding the worlds of work and university

As well as studying, Sixth Form is a time when you decide on the next, important steps in your life. That’s why we run lots of activities to help inform your decisions. We have extremely close links with both the universities in Sheffield and frequently send students to events such as a mock trial and Philosophy taster days. You can find out more about our support for higher education applications in the UCAS and post 18 progression.

Social life

Sixth form is a great time to make new friends. Our students organise a variety of social activities for  everyone, including the end of Year 13 Prom which provides a fantastic, memorable end to your two years with us. 

Manage your own time

Sixth Form is an opportunity to work more independently, as you prepare for university or starting work. So we expect our students to take responsibility for managing their own time.

You must be in for registration  in Form Time on the days you have a period 1 lesson. We expect you to use any time when you don’t have scheduled lessons as study time – but this can take place in the Sixth Form, in the library, at home or at a suitable location elsewhere.

Of course we do all we can to support you as you transition to this new way of working and, if you face any problems, our team will do all they can to help you.