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Remote learning

Blended learning

At the moment, we are using a Blended Learning model in school.  This means most students are in school but some students are learning from home.  To manage this: 


Students learning in school

  • Lessons take place as normal.
  • Homework is set on Google Classroom labelled Homework.

Students learning from home

  • Each lesson (or an appropriate equivalent) is posted on Google Classroom and labelled Classwork + date.
  • Homework is set on Google Classroom labelled Homework.
  • Students must complete all work unless ill. 

Live teaching

  • Some lessons are offered as live teaching
  • Students working from home can watch the lesson on Google Meet. 
  • The class teacher sends the meeting code on Google Classroom.
  • Students should attend all live lessons offered.


School expectations of students who are working from home

We expect students to complete all work to a high standard both in school and working from home.  This means that:

  • Students should complete all the work set by their teachers on Google Classroom.
  • Completed work should be turned in on Google Classroom before the student returns to school.  Some teachers may ask for work to be completed in books.
  • On return, students will need to show the work that they have completed.
  • Students who do not complete work may receive Behaviour Point sanctions.

If your child is not able to complete the work due to illness or for another reason, please inform Pastoral Managers. 

Where your child is finding it hard to work remotely because of additional learning needs, please talk to the SENCO.

Further questions

Can I get a log-on for Google Classroom so that I can support my child’s learning?

We recommend that you use your child’s log-in details. 

My child doesn’t know how to use Google Classroom. What should I do?

Let Pastoral Managers know as soon as possible.  We have a team of Student Support Officers who are working with students to help them become confident in using Google Classroom.  There is also help for parents/carers on our dedicated webpage about Google Classroom.

We don’t have enough computers at home. What should we do?

Google Classroom and Meet can be used on tablets and phones.  If you don’t have enough devices to enable your child to access work, let Pastoral Managers know as soon as possible.  We may be able to offer technology on loan.

Why aren’t all lessons offering live teaching for students at home?

There are lots of challenges when delivering live lessons for students at home and in the classroom.  We are able to offer live teaching for exam classes where appropriate. 

What happens if my child has completed all the work set?

There are a wealth of additional on-line resources that your child can access.  Direct your child to BBC Bitesize or Oak National Academy:


Our remote learning commitment

You can read more about this here.