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Important changes to start of term

Published on 31/12/20

This information applies to remote learning from Monday 4th  January 2021

On 30th December the government announced changes to the start of term because of the increased threat from Covid-19 and to allow us to set up mass testing arrangements in school. The government wants us to set up a system whereby all students and staff are tested for Covid-19 every week in school and more frequently if close contacts test positive.

The new arrangements for the coming weeks are below.  Please note that the plans for each week are based on us being able to establish the mass testing system, and then start testing students and staff. As ever, these plans could change. We will know more when we meet with Public Health Sheffield next week to discuss the next steps for testing.

You can also read or download the guidance document at the bottom of this page.

You can also keep up to date with remote learning advice on our remote learning webpage here.


Monday 4 - friday 8 january 2021:

  • Students will work from home.
  • All staff will work in school. 
  • Teachers will set lessons on Google Classroom and will teach live lessons on Google Meet. 
  • Students will have remote access support from Pastoral, Wellbeing and Student Support teams. 


monday 11 - friday 15 january 2021:

  • Y11 and Y13 students come to school as normal and follow the usual timetable.
  • Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10 and Y12 students will continue to study from home.


From Monday 18 January 2021:

  • All students should come to school as normal, subject to the mass testing system being up and running in school.


Additional provision in school

Some students will come to school because they are vulnerable students or the children of critical workers who are not old enough to be at home on their own.  Students in this group will be supervised in school by Cover Supervisors.  They will learn remotely in the same way as students learning from home


Learning from home: information for students

  1. You should follow your normal timetable using the timings in the grid below and log-on to Google Classroom at the start of each lesson.  Your teachers will be able to answer any questions you have about the work. 
  2. On Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th, if your teachers are delivering a live lesson, they will tell you on Google Classroom.  It is important that you go to all live lessons.
  3. From Wednesday 6th January onwards, all classes will be delivered as live lessons and you should go to them as if you were in school.  Your teachers will do the register to record your attendance. 
  4. Live lessons will start 15 minutes later than normal so you and your teachers have time to log on and get prepared and have a break.  There is a Live Lesson timetable below.  The only other change is that the Year 7 lunchtime is half an hour later.


Live Lesson Timetable



Further information 

What if students have BTEC or iMedia exams scheduled for next week?

BTEC and iMedia exams will go ahead as planned.  Students should continue to revise thoroughly for their exams.  The exams team will be in touch to confirm further details.


What is happening about Y12 and Y13 exams?

Y12 exams will be delayed until 25th- 30th January.  Y13 exams will be held on 18th – 22nd January as planned.

How do I arrange for my child to be in school? 

Your child should only come to school if:

  • They are in Year 11 and 13


  • You are a critical worker AND there is nobody to supervise your child at home AND your child is not old enough to be at home on their own


  • Your child has been identified as vulnerable.

If your child meets the above criteria, please complete this online form before Monday 21st December.  Please note that students in school will access the same on-line resources as students at home.  There will be no additional face-to-face teaching. 


What provision is available for SEND students?
  • Additional support for SEN students will be available at Student Support Online ( . 
  • Students can use online messaging and video calling with teaching assistants in the morning and afternoon.
  • If you have any questions about this or your child requires further support, please email the SENCO, David Dalrymple (


What should I do if I’m worried about the well-being or safety of a student?

If you have any safeguarding concerns about a student at Silverdale, please telephone the school number and ask for Safeguarding (0114 236 9991).


Can I get a log-on for Google Classroom so that I can support my child’s learning?

We recommend that you use your child’s log-in details. 


My child doesn’t know how to use Google Classroom. What should I do?

Let Pastoral Managers know as soon as possible.  We have a team of Student Support Officers who are working with students to help them become confident in using Google Classroom.  There is also help for parents/carers on our dedicated webpage here.


We don’t have enough computers at home. What should we do?

Google Classroom and Meet can be used on tablets and phones.  If you don’t have enough devices to enable your child to access work or live lessons, let Pastoral Managers know as soon as possible. 


Why aren’t all lessons using livestreamed from Monday 4th January?

Given the late timing of this announcement, our teachers are re-planning lessons for that week.  Some activities or topics that have already been planned are not appropriate for live teaching.   


What happens if my child has completed all the work set?

There is a wealth of additional online resources that your child can access.  Direct your child to BBC Bitesize or Oak National Academy:


How do you manage behaviour and attendance during remote learning?

Please see the document at the bottom of this page about behaviour and attendance.


Free School Meals

If your child is eligible for free school meals, we can provide food for you to collect. Please email for further details.


Useful contacts