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Requesting leave

Reporting Absence

Due to Illness

If you are unable to attend school due to illness, you (or your parent/carer) must notify school by telephone(236 9991) or by email before 9.00 am on the first day, and subsequent days of absence.

Please follow prompts to report and absence then Y12 & 13, leave a message clearly stating the student's name and reason for absence.  This will be picked up by the sixth form team in due course.

 If a student is absent for a period of over 5 school days, medical evidence may be requested.

Medical Appointments

If you have a medical appointment that has been made in advance then you must inform the Sixth Form Office before the appointment providing an appointment card where possible.  For appointments made at short notice i.e. on the day, please inform the Sixth Form Office as soon as possible.

Request for Leave

Students wishing to take time off during the school term for anything other than a school trip or medical appointment should complete a Leave of Absence Request Form (which you can download below) and return it to the Sixth Form Office at least 5 clear working days prior to the requested leave.  Please note that we are unable to authorise time off for family holidays.