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The information on this page has been provided by Silverdale Student Council.


Do you walk to school? Do you care about the environment? If you do, well done! By doing this you are saving the planet by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. If you don’t here are a few reasons why you should:

  • It keeps you healthy.
  • It improves your mood.
  • It increases your concentration.
  • It is good for your mental state.
  • It is a good opportunity for socialising.

For parents:

  • You can spend less money on petrol.
  • It makes YOU healthier.
  • It provides your child with more responsibility for the future.
  • I’m sure you could think of a few reasons not to… but I think the outcomes are better if you do walk than if you don’t.

Problems with driving to school

Driving to school is not only bad for you but also bad for the environment. It damages the ozone layer and the greenhouse gasses become a bigger problem. Lots of people on the road, going to the same place every day will cause congestion on the road. More than 9,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries caused by vehicles every year.

Walking to school

Be careful when walking to school! If you’re planning to walk to school then there are just a few things you need to remember: 

  1. Check before you cross. Most accidents on 11 to 16 year olds are caused by caused by cars, so be careful. You want to try and arrive at school in one piece! 
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. When you are walking to school, there might be other groups of people walking the same way as you, so you always be aware of your peers and other pedestrians on the pavement.
  3. Find your friends! If you and another friend come in the same direction when you come to school, arrange to meet up somewhere convenient so both of you can walk to school together. Similarly, if you drive past a friend’s house, then jump out the car and walk the rest of the way. It’s more fun to walk with friends than to walk or drive on your own.  

Park and Stride map

Blue circle = 15 minutes to school

Red circle = 10 minutes to school