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Trenessh Sivakumaar ranked No.1 in Kumon English Programme

Published on 07/07/15

Trenessh Sivakumaar studying Year 10 in Silverdale School has been RANKED No.1 in Kumon English Programme in the country level which includes the whole of UK & Ireland. Kumon is a Worldwide Programme with over 70,000 students studying in UK &Ireland and each year they rank the students based on their progress and achievement. In May 2015, Trenessh has been ranked No.1 in Kumon English Programme. It is a very significant achievement for Trenessh to complete the whole English Programme and to be ranked No.1 in UK and Ireland.

As a parent, we would like this to be published in the Silverdale Magazine/Newsletter or equivalent please. This is a great achievement for Trenessh, Kumon centre in Sheffield and Silverdale School. KUMON Tutor (Mrs Catherine Potter) for Southwest Sheffield has provided her comments (please see below). Mrs Potter can be contacted for any information regarding Trenessh's achievement in Kumon and she is happy to clarify if you have any queries.

Comments from Mrs Catherine Potter , Kumon Instructor from the Sheffield South West Kumon Centre

"The Advanced Student Honour Roll (ASHR) is a national roll of UK and Ireland students who have reached advanced study for their age in either the Kumon Mathematics or English Programmes. Currently there are over 70,000 students enrolled on the Kumon Programme which supports each and every student to develop a range of academic skills through studying material that is advanced for their age. The ASHR comprises of three award categories – ASHR 1, ASHR 2 and ASHR 3. To qualify for an award, a student must have mastered up to or beyond a prescribed point in one of the Kumon Programmes by the end of March and September each year.
Each May and November the ASHR publication is released and includes each student's ranking in the UK and Ireland based on the March and September data.

In May 2015, Trenessh Sivakumaar from the Sheffield South West Centre, not only qualified for an ASHR 3 award but was also ranked number one (No. 1) in English under the Y10 category in UK and Ireland .

This was very well deserved as Trenessh had committed to his English studies for over five years, persevering with set daily homework tasks until he had actually completed the entire English Programme."