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The Big Draw at Silverdale

Published on 06/10/15

The Art Department at Silverdale School are taking part in “The Big Draw” an exciting, nationwide project.  Throughout October the school will be involved in an annual celebration of drawing that takes place across Britain and the world, the theme is ‘Every Drawing Tells a Story’.  This year Silverdale will be decorating the Art break out area and doing their bit thanks to the support of Vinci Facilities Management.  The aim is to raise money to put back into the Silverdale school fund and help to support more great projects in school.  


This week, art club students will be drawing their stories and doodles on the walls and then we will be inviting staff, students and even parents to come and contribute either by colouring in or adding your own little stories to our walls.  By bringing the Big Draw to Silverdale and hopefully turning into a big event we hope to be a strong contender for various cash prizes, which could see us raise over £1,000.  Please come along over the next few weeks and find out what we are doing and spread the word.  If you are intrigued to find out more go to the website