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Dear Parents and Carers...

Published on 20/10/21

Letter from our head teacher

Dear Parents/Carers,


Fireworks, Sparklers and Bangers

As usual for this time of year, we have been talking to students in form time about the dangers of fireworks, sparklers and bangers.  These are, of course, all banned items in school, but we also have concerns about students using them, unsupervised, out of school.  The easing of Covid restrictions seems to have encouraged an increase in risk-taking activities out of school in some young people and so it is important to be extra vigilant this year.


Procedure for contact between students and parents during the school day.

If your child feels ill during the school day, they should ask permission to go to the medical room where staff will assess the situation and contact parents if necessary.  Students should not contact parents directly to arrange to leave school during the school day.

If a parent urgently needs to communicate with their child during the school day, please telephone reception and we will pass on a message.  Students are only allowed to use their phones in specific zones during break and lunchtime, so please do not encourage use at other times by making contact during the school day.


Covid Update

Between 8th and 15th October,  32 students (five Year 7s, ten Year 8s, seven Year 9s, two Year 10s, six Year 11s, two year 12s)  tested positive for Covid.  It continues to be very important that all students LFD test twice weekly and stay at home if they have Covid symptoms.  Please see below a useful flow chart to explain the most recent guidance.


Best wishes,

Sarah Sims