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Where Are You From?

Published on 26/01/21

How would you answer the question?

Mr Dalrymple's Year 7 English class has been answering this question in a metaphorical way, inspired by the poem of the same name by Melanie Poonai. The students each wrote their own version then chose their favourite line and sent it to Mr Dalrymple in the chat on Google Classroom. The results have been brilliant; expanding the idea of who we are, the things that make us and our origins. Here is the result and we hope you enjoy it. Maybe you even recognise some of the students from the descriptions...!

Where I’m From

by 7D

I am from nightmares of falling into pits of spiders,

From seeing Grandparents on Xmas eve and binge-watching FRIENDS.

I am from all my friends,

From the soggy CITYYYY, a big hilly hill and warm house.

I am from my old house in Dore,   

From a black cat that's been there forever and bunk beds I used to sleep in.

I am from snowy Stockport,

From sunny Cornwall and rainy Sheffield.

I am from a game of Scrabble in which I always lost,

From monopoly and Ticket to ride.

I am from the tears which I cried when Trump won in 2016,

From the laughs of my friends and flipping the monopoly board when you land on a bankrupting hotel.

I am from a cold, grey and dingy place,

From rain every day and mud in every garden.

I am from all my friends,

From graves and grove.

I am from Fulwood and long walks with family,

From Mountain Biking with friends and late-night films.

I am from a cat called Leo that died.      

From little rats running around and Elie and Olive playing.

I am from my rabbits eating carrots,

From the good times I played with my friends and from fool land.

I am from the Chinese takeout that happens every time on my birthday,

From the lovely pasta that my dad makes every Monday and from having a laugh with my friends.

I am from eating ice cream and cake,

From living on my phone and pizza hut.

I am from Fields of heather and marsh,

From Paddocks of horses, flocks of sheep and cows.

I am from a white land call Sweden,

From sooty bleak London and a dog called Merlin that sadly died.

I am from a School that I left,

From having fun whilst playing Roblox and an area called Ecclesall.

I am from the blue-filled stadium Hillsborough,

From playing football for my team and the loud roar of Bramall lane.

I am from a strong passion for football,

From a large hatred for Leeds united and from a place close to Whirlow.

I am from close to my friends,

From football playing defence and from the Lane who can't win a game.

I am from the dreams of meeting Albert Einstein,

from the sweet smell of books and from rainy, friendly Sheffield.

I am from all that has happened,

And all that will be.