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Headteacher's update 25

Published on 23/11/20

Dear parents and carers,

Parents’ Evenings

Many thanks to the parents of our Y7 and Y13 students who have helped us to trial our new online parents’ evening platform.  The system has proved to be successful and so we intend to roll it out for other parents’ evenings throughout the year.


Remote Learning

We have had another successful week of remote learning for those students who are isolating. This has been through Google Classroom where students can access the materials they need. Increasingly, this has also been via ‘live teaching’, especially with Year 11, 12 and 13, but also with other year groups when appropriate.

The information about how to access remote learning is on our website here.

We have updated our Behaviour for Learning Policy and expectations for ‘Live teaching’ and this too can be found via our website later in the week. The protocols are summarised below:

Remote Learning Expectations and Protocols

  • All students must be appropriately dressed (i.e. like a non-uniform day).​
  • If possible students should be in a shared area or living space. If this is not possible then bedroom doors should be left open. Headphones/headsets may be useful if others are present.​
  • Check who or what can be seen on camera or heard by the microphone – ensure no inappropriate activities or language can be seen or heard. Inform others around you that you are doing online school work.​
  • Ensure that no personal data (other than your name) is on view.​
  • Parents/guardians are asked to not participate in the lesson.
  • Participants can turn the camera off or mute their microphone if they are just observing and they do not wish to be seen or heard.​
  • Staff running the session may turn the students’ cameras and microphones off when they are presenting.​
  • Students should use school accounts to access video sessions.​
  • Students must use their real names to login to the session (not nicknames or false names). This will occur due to their school log in.​
  • All activity in the session must be in line with normal acceptable behaviour within a classroom.​
  • Participants must not share any personal information during the session for example their logins or passwords.​
  • For safeguarding purposes the school may record the session. These recordings will not be shared publicly but may be reviewed by the school/trust.​
  • It is recommended that any device has the latest security patches and updates installed and if applicable has antivirus software and anti-malware software installed and enabled.


Wellbeing Telephone Calls for Isolating Students

We are aware that isolation can be a lonely and frustrating time for young people and we want to offer as much support as possible.   We have a team of staff who will be telephoning Silverdale families to check in with students who are isolating.  Please be aware that of the of the team are working from home and therefore their numbers will be displayed as 'No Caller ID'.  The team will follow up calls with an email.


Covid Update

During the week 14th-20th November, we had confirmed positive cases in Y7 (1 student), Y8 (2 students), Y9 (1 student) and Y12 (1 student).


Best wishes,

Sarah Sims
Head of Silverdale School