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Headteacher's update 23

Published on 06/11/20

Dear parents and carers,

Attitude to Learning Reports

You will be receiving ‘Attitude to Learning’ reports for students in years 7-11.  Your child will be given a paper version and they will also be published electronically via WEDUC. These will show your child’s attitude to learning in each of their subjects.  More detail on the school’s new attitude to learning framework and reporting in KS3 and KS4 can be found on our Attitude to Learning webpage here.

 Y10 and  Y11 reports will also communicate end of Y11 targets and current working grades based on most recent assessments. We would ask that all parents and carers discuss attitude to learning grades with their son or daughter and in particular how they can move their attitude to learning to ‘outstanding’ over the next half term if it isn’t already at that level. They will be having an extended form time on Tuesday 10th November to allow them to review and reflect on their last half term.


New DFE Guidance

In response to the national lockdown, the DFE have updated their COVID guidance to schools this week.  Most of the changes to the guidance have already been implemented at Silverdale since the start of term.  There is new guidance for students who are ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’.  If you child falls into this category please contact school. More information on this can be found here

Also, from Monday 9th November, all extra-curricular clubs and activities will be suspended.  Year 11 Period 6 and Period 0 lessons, and Y12/13 twilight lessons will continue as part of our curriculum offer.


Remote Learning Update

Please view here our guide to remote learning for students who are self-isolating.  Next week, students will also be given a paper copy so please keep this safe in case your child is required to self-isolate.


Remembrance Day – Wednesday 11th November

All students will watch an assembly about Remembrance Day during form time.  Our Act of Remembrance will involve a 2 minute silence at 11am with one of our students playing The Last Post and Reveille at the beginning and end.


PTA Annual General Meeting

The PTA AGM will be held online at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th December.  The PTA would delighted to welcome new members.  Please email  for further information and a meeting code.


Coronavirus update

In the two weeks 24th  October - 6th November, we have confirmed positive COVID cases in Y9 (1 student), Y10 (2 students), Y11 (1 student) and Y12 (1 student).  Some of these cases have not resulted in any Silverdale students being required to self-isolate because the affected students were not in school during their infected period (for example, symptoms developed during half term or this they were already self-isolating due to another family member testing positive).

It continues to be vital that we all follow the guidance regarding self-isolation.  If anyone in your household is symptomatic and awaiting a test for COVID-19, then the whole family must self-isolate and you cannot send your children to school.  If anyone in your family has had a COVID-19 test, then the whole household must self-isolate until they receive the result, even if the symptoms have disappeared.  The children can return to school once we have been notified of the negative test.  Please see our Guidance Sheet on Covid here for full details.


Best wishes,


Mrs Sarah Sims
Head of Silverdale School