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Lockdown Live musical showcase

Published on 15/07/20

Making music together apart

One of the casualties of lockdown has been our end of year shows and performances which are usually a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the hours of practice, perseverance and commitment that it takes to master a musical instrument and play in public.

However, in a cheering example of modern technology being harnessed for good, our Head of Music, Miss Cooper, has received a variety of performances and compositions from pupils that they have been able to make from home!  She has loved listening to all the work the pupils have sent her and felt that their work is too good not to share.

Miss Cooper said, "What has been so special about this time has been the fact that pupils who would not normally perform or who would be too shy have really come out of their shells and sent some of the most amazing work! There has been enough work to make three shows but I have tried to pick a variety of work from across the year groups.

Pupils have really made the Music department and school proud with their creativity and hard work. They have participated whole-heartedly in everything asked of them: from instrument-making to creating their own radio show. It has been wonderful to follow pupils' personal journeys. Many pupils have even taught themselves an instrument during lockdown - what a great use of time!"

So, ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for Lockdown Live! Please enjoy the show and see if you can hear your own work in there. Click here to listen.