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Race Across the World Triumph

Published on 07/07/20

Silverdale are the undefeated champions

Congratulations to everyone who took part in Sunday's Race Across the World: Zambia challenge. After two earlier races between Silverdale and Westfield the stakes were raised as we were joined by 9 other local schools, all competing to cover the 496km distance across Zambia.

It was great to see so many people joining in and being inspired by the near-constant motivational social media updates. We even made the local news!

All the effort paid off as Silverdale was the overall winner, coming top in all three categories! We were Sprint Champions as we were the first team to cover the 496km across Zambia, we won the Total Team Distance as we were the school that covered the most kilometres by the end of the day: a staggering 3,154.07km! We were also the “pound for pound” champions as we had the best ratio of contributions on the day compared to the number of students on roll at each school taking part. Teamwork really does make the dream work!

Many thanks again to each person who contributed to this event and especially to the ingenuity and dedication of our PE department for making it happen. When's the next one?!

Race Day Stats

Students walked, ran and cycled a total of 1,291.35km 

Parents contributed 1,000.66km

Staff did 862.06km

Silverdale Team Grand Total – 3,154.07km!!!!

Top 3 staff contributions:

Mr Slaney: 128.91km

Mr Hamshaw-Thomas: 81.8km

Dr Noble: 81km

(NB Mr Clayton came 4th with 77.24km. If only he hadn't taken that shortcut home...)

Top 3 student contributions:

Tom Valentine 74.2km

Will Day 60.98km

Carter Hill 40.01km

Top 3 Parents

Will Day’s Dad 60.98km

Mr O’Brien 42km

Freddie and Monty Hall’s parents: 38.8km

For more stats from the day, please visit Silverdale PE department's Instagram feed