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Sheffield Virtual Games

Published on 22/06/20

Sports Day in a time of COVID-19

Due to the current situation around the Corona virus, many school competitions, events and sports days have been cancelled. This competition has been created to enable pupils across Sheffield to compete in simple generic sport skills against pupils from other schools whether they are attending school, or distance learning is taking place.

The Sheffield Schools Get Active Group (including School Games Organisers, SSPs and the PESOL Team) are excited to bring you the Sheffield Virtual School Games 2020 which will take place 22nd-26th June 2020 during National School Sport Week.

We want all Y7 - Y10 students to get involved! 

The competition consists of 8 simple skills that can be completed at school or at home:

Speed Bounce, Target Throw, Keepie Uppies, Coordination Station, Clap Catch, Plank For Points, Healthy Selfie & the Creative Challenge.

These videos will be demonstrated by the PE staff on Instagram and instruction videos/activity cards can be accessed on the site or via the QR codes on the activity cards available here.

All the students have to do is:

  • follow the activity cards or videos (which can all be seen here)
  • complete the challenge and record your scores on the score sheet.
  • Once you have completed all of the challenges submit your results to Sheffield Schools Get Active Group's (SSGAG) online form here and they will collate points for you. 
  • SSGAG will send out information after the event to our school to show which year groups engaged the most, which teams and even which pupils.
  • Bonus points will also be given if parents tweet in photo/video evidence of the challenges. To do this, tweet @ForgeSSP @PointsLN @ArchesSSP or @LinksSSP using #SheffieldVirtualSchoolGames
  • If you don't use twitter and you still want the bonus points, get a parent/guardian to email your PE teacher and we can do it for you.

The competition will be split into the following categories: FS2-Y2, Y3-Y4, Y5-6, Y7-Y8, Y9-Y10.

Pupils will be able to submit their scores from 9am Monday 22nd June until 5pm Thursday 25th June with the results being announced throughout Friday 26th June! 

Scores will be calculated on an average score based on how many pupils have taken part. A minimum of 20 scores must be submitted for each school and category. Bonus Points will be awarded for every school that submits over 50 results in a single category. Pupils, parents and teachers can also do the challenges, submit their scores via the link to add points to their school total. Trophies will provided for the winning schools in each category.

We are looking forward to seeing you all take part!