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Silverdale students in lockdown performance

Published on 18/06/20

Sheffield Music Hub orchestrates lockdown performance of Avicii's Wake Me Up 

If necessity is the mother of invention, COVID 19 is the mother of the lockdown performance. For anyone unfamiliar with this new genre, it features isolated individuals filming themselves playing their part in a piece of music, then all the parts being edited together by a diligent team to create a cohesive performance. The concept has spawned numerous excellent performances but we are particularly excited by Sheffield Music Hub's contribution featuring a number of Silverdale students in a rendition of Wake Me Up by the late Swedish DJ, Avicii . It's a bit of a musical Where's Wally? but see who can you spot!

Well done to everyone who took part and put the whole thing together. What a wonderful way to keep up musical morale and make the most of all this extra practice time in lockdown! Watch the video here.