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Local Fitness Opportunities for all

Published on 10/01/20

As part of Silverdale's Sixth Form Enrichment programme we are fortunate enough to be partnering with local gym and personal training service, Kate Campbell Fitness.

This means students can choose an induction followed by use of the facilities once a week in a small, friendly gym environment at a reduced rate. It's a great opportunity to explore personal fitness and see what your body can do, especially if team sports and running around on a pitch have not been your thing in the past!

If you're thinking that you like the sound of this, too, then Kate Campbell are offering any new clients a January only package of 1 week of unlimited classes and full use of the gym for FREE! You just need to sign up here . There are lots of different classes and courses available, including special memberships for 15-17 year olds - what a great way to look after yourself, unwind from school and start building healthy habits.