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Welcoming back last year's 6th formers

Published on 20/12/19

It was wonderful to welcome back last year's 6th formers for our A-level presentation evening yesterday.

It was a great chance for old friends to catch up and for teachers to hear how former students are getting on.

Our guest speaker was former student, Miriam Walker Khan, who is a freelance broadcast journalist.

You can see photos from the evening in our gallery here.

Subject prize winners


Attainment :

Progress :

Outstanding Effort :

Art & Design

Susie Ramsey

Gabriel Booth



Laura Simpson

Ray Holman


Cambridge Pre U

Hanaan Khan

Faten Al-Shabi

Joe Andrew


Ruby Mullens

Ellie Cooper

Anirudh Agarwal

Economics & Business

Harry Warnock

Bhoorvaja Niranjan

Maria Kiely

English Language

Elissa Wilson

Jessica Page

Lucy Kelly

English Literature

Lucy Percival

Frances Calow

Clare Ward


Tomi Haffety

Sian Hughes

Jake Houlton


Emily Marks

Jadie Leary

Elissa Wilson


Rebecca Walker

Will Kenyon



Elizabeth Orpwood

Grady Chetty

Rachel Saunders

Media Studies

Isabelle Lewis

Louise Wells

Millie Easthope

Further Mathematics

Matt Strickland



Physical Education

Ana Garcia

Max Hancock

Nashay Anderson


 Rebecca Walker

Jade Cassels

Connor Caw


 Matt Strickland

 Ed Barganski

 Alana Zeidler


Katy Hughes

Sarah Delaney

Lauren Yavuz


Emily Dickinson

Eesaa Channer

Jeremy Thomas Hamshaw


Max O’Brien

Gabe Higgins-Cochran

Abi Millen


special awards prize winners

  • Aubrey Taylor Memorial Prize for Chemistry: Jake Stewart - for his consistent hard work and superb problem solving abilities in Chemistry.

  • George Biggins Prize for Achievement: Joe Andrew - for his drive and determination to succeed.

  • Magdalene Prize for English Literature: George Sayers - for his outstanding critical appreciation of literary texts.

  • Sheffield Hallam University Annual Academic Achievement Award: Matthew Strickland - for his outstanding academic achievement.

  • Charles Cantor Award for Creative Writing: Millie Easthope -  for her creativity and use of the English Language.

  • Words and Pictures Award: Joseph Andrew - for his use of words and art to create stunning pieces of work.

  • PTA Award for Excellence in Science: Laura Simpson - for her aptitude for science and her incredible work ethic.

  • A-level P.E. Excellence Award: Ana Garcia - for her total commitment and dedication to her studies.


    Special Award: Matthew Williams - for performing the duties of Head Boy.