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A record-breaking year for GCSE results!

Published on 22/08/18

The 2018 GCSE results at Silverdale School show continued success for the school.

Head of School, Sarah Sims, said:

“Early indications are that this has been a record-breaking year for Silverdale students – for both progress and attainment. That means that not only are Silverdale students achieving high grades, but students are making excellent progress from their starting points and achieving beyond expectations. It shows how studying at Silverdale can make a real difference to your life – thanks to the hard work and commitment of staff, students and parents.

“Over 80% of students have achieved grades 9 to 4 (equivalent to the old A* to C) in English and Maths. This is up 4% from last year. Given that the subjects are the foundations of all learning, we are extremely pleased.

“A quarter of all our students have achieved the top grades of 9 to 7 – which are equivalent to an A grade or above – in both English and Maths.

“However, we are particularly proud of the fact that we still manage to offer a broad and balanced curriculum at Silverdale. Despite the funding crisis in education, we still teach a range of subjects – from the arts to science, humanities to technology. This is reflected in the fact that 76% of our students study a language, and 50% of our students achieved the academic gold standard Ebacc suite of qualifications.

“We expect our Progress 8 figure to be even higher this year. Early indications are that, on average, our students achieved two thirds of a grade better than similar ability students are expected to achieve nationally.

“Congratulations to all of our students, who have worked so very hard at a time of great change in GCSEs. Our staff have supported them tirelessly throughout, and shown great expertise and professionalism. Once again, the Silverdale community has pulled together and achieved amazing success”.